Best freinds

Last weekend’s crop: 7 Days magazine double spread opened a series of testimonies by the permanent columns writers around the theme of their best freinds

Best freinds - Spread

Best friends – Spread


Amongst the writers, you can find my weekly column wordsmith, Shlomo Artzi, who told the story about his two best friends which he presented to his readers as anonymous.

Best freinds - Artzi

anonymous best friends – Artzi

A looming Scottish UK divorce

A great sense of nervousness is engulfing the British isles; the northern most important member of the union seem to no longer be interested in this partnership.

On September 18th, the Scots will be invited to vote in a referendum on their national identity.

Tim Harford, in his FT column, (here) covered some of possible implications that may come a result of this historical referendum.

The Scottish referendum

The Scottish referendum

The Mayflower returns

The editor mailed me with the initial concept for the article while it was being written. The topic was the elimination of certain American literary classics of the new UK syllabus. Despite living in Paris, I am an avid listener to BBC radio four, which provides me, apart from my favorite drama programs, the best current affairs programs. so, I was very well-informed about the topic.

The first idea the popped up in my mind was the Mayflower, being the vehicle which first exported the Anglo-saxon culture to the American shores, is now making the journey again, only this time with returned cultural goods, back to the new world.

The Mayflower- rough

The Mayflower -rough

The Mayflower , no -line version

The Mayflower , no -line version

The Mayflower , final version

The Mayflower , final version

WSJ - The Mayflower


Kidnaped AW 1

Kidnapped AW 1

Kidnaped AW 2

Kidnapped AW 2


Kidnaped line

Kidnapped line

Last weeks’ events in Israel, resonated beyond the sketchy borders of this complex and complicated country. The kidnapping of three young men from a settlement in the west bank, touched probably most ex-pats, Jew of every shade and kind.

People all across the world were called to pray for the kidnapped young men well being.

The media, as well as the entire nation psyche, were and still are harnessed and occupied by the cause, and all other aspects of israeli life seem to have been swept aside until the three young men are freed.

Artzi, could not avoid writing about them, and focused on one of the three in particular, the one whose picture appeared in the media while playing a recorder.

he signed his weekly column with a paragraph about woodpeckers. I came up with the idea of showing the woodpeckers, revealing that young man, hidden inside a tree trunk. perhaps in an unconscious reference to the illustration from last week .


Investment advisers

Here’s an old  commission. While randomly going through my files, I’ve stumbled upon these two illustrations which dealt with the trade of Investment advisers.

If I remember correctly, the responsibility taken by advisers for their advice, foreign interest and integrity, where amongst those which were covered in the article.

Investment advisers 1 AW

Investment advisers 1 AW

Investment advisers 2 AW

Investment advisers 2 AW


The American Dream of Income Equality Still Lives

The American Dream is not dead yetAW

The American Dream is not dead yet-AW

This Month’s Scientific American Skeptic column assess the viability of  the american dream.

Hence, no matter where you’re coming from, your colour, sex or creed, if you’re good at what it is you’re doing; you’ll make it!

To read the full article, click here.

The American Dream is not dead yet- rough

The American Dream is not dead yet-rough

*Just realised, an old American car features in Alice Munro’s post from June 11th