Had a busy week

I was certainly kept off the streets this week.

Here are a few of the illustrations I have drawn these last few days:


The following three illustrations were for a series of three articles for Globes. The articles covered a number of court ruling concerning taxation issues which represent a shift in the angle from which the court views the tax authorities attitude towards corporate and individual tax payers.

Shopping.com escaping the tax mans’ appetite for revenue

The tax authority’s scrutiny of a diamond cutting company

Presenting bribe as an expense in a deal, while coming to claim a refund against gains. (The pink note bares the title: ‘receipt Bribe’ in Russian, as the back-hander was paid in Russia)

This one was for an article about secrecy in tax investigations. It has been noted that relevant details from those investigations, as well as personal and unrelated data, is leaking out.

Harford’s column

Evolved this week around state pensions. This is how I have chosen to depict the ‘Nanny State’


This week was all about faith and belief in god. He centered his column around Richard Dawkins best seller: The God Delusion.

The Ultimate Boeing 747 gambit is an argument for the improbability of the existence of God. It was introduced by Dawkins in chapter 4 “Why there almost certainly is no God”.  There he offers it as a counter-argument to the modern form of the argument from design.

“probability of life originating on Earth is no greater than the chance that a hurricane, sweeping through a scrapyard, would have the luck to assemble a Boeing 747.”


My Guardian Archive is back online

It has been a while since my Guardian’s books review archive was off line. I was pleased to learn it is back online again.

Below each drawing you will find the list of the entire series

Search engines by Izhar Cohen

I am back in Paris

Italy, my home away from home. Simple wine, good food, Italian, good friends, family – a preview of Paradise.

My holidays are always peppered with work. I’ve got the privilege of working from wherever I am in the world yet, it is a double edged sword as work follows me everywhere also when I am on holiday. this is not a complaint, I am very happy with this state of affairs. So, here is a selection from a month long holiday.

Harford-Economy: not colour blind

A new bi-weekly column in Globes, Written by Bibliki. The piece was for Tisha’a Be’av, the commemorative day for the destruction of the temple

Harford- Penssion

Harford-Economy forecasting


Harford- incentives for better productivity

Harford-Taking care of one’s interests

Harford-Foreign workers, new slavery

Wine buying guide

Harford- A brand of it own

Harford- Dubai car-wash deficiency

Harford- baby-sitting dow Grandparent’s nside

Lapid-Top brass exporting secret military tactics