Back from a long fishing trip

The title is sure misleading. It corresponds with the panel usually hanged on the fishmongers’ door when he is off duty,  saying : ‘Gone fishing, back soon‘.

I simply had a period of intense work, around the house, as well as my fair share of illustration. So, as there’s an abundant harvest of illustration from my proverbial fishing trip, I shall allow the images do most of the ‘talking’ with some, exceptionally limited amount text.

My ABC book is being published in Israel this week. It is a formidable source of pride and excitement




And Here comes a series of images, accompanying the obvious topic of the global economical crisisbillionair-nightmare

The billionar’s nightmare


Banking lawyers facing the credit crunch.


Cover illustration for G magazine, dealing with the anxiety of being fired

buisness-in-trubleHow to recognize a business in trouble


Harford: The false economy in a time of crisis
ft101108Harford: The would-be gambler on their future would-befunds. Pensions and the stock exchange.

ft1511081Harford: Joseph Stiglitz – one of the Nobel laureates in 2001.


Harford: Africa’s route to prosperity is not just a rocky road

ft271008Harford: Hearing voicesfts271008fts011208

Harford: The measurement of courtship


Harford: the pains of car share


Harford: the frustration with the discrepancy between ones ‘ salary, and the one he or she were brought up to believe  would earn

Vigilance Magazine, Paris: the hazards of buying the wrong presents for Christmas.



Lapid: The boredom and the lack of real choice in the coming general elections. the guy at the bottom is Bublil: a notoriously, legendary ‘big brother’ character, who with his impoverished, somewhat deprived personality has managed to eclipse the nation’s culture.

Lapid: Rewinding one’s life on the net.

Lapid: The plan to save the Israeli tycoons with public funding in order to prevent the collapse of the local-stock exchange.


Lapid: from the same piece as above.
lapid111108Lapid: Nature or nurture – NURTURE!

lapid181008Lapid: the inevitability of the general elections Results in Israel

lapid181108Lapid: The post of The Israeli PM. Whoever he/she might be

lapidicon181108Lapid: from the same piece as above.

lapid251108Lapid: the threaten charity monies due to the economical crisis.

lapid281008Lapid: the strategy of the election campaign.


G Magazine: Serious disorders in the authorization of  planning permission to the privileged elite.