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It is the Jewish new year. So first of all: Shana Tova to you ALL!

These days, Jews are invited to celebrate all new beginnings. It is also a time for reflection and of a retrospective regard upon the time that has elapsed.

This issue of Calcalis is dedicated for people in the middle of their life.


The most Vibrant, up – to – date, inteligent, and useful site for Hebrew speakers about Paris

A good friend, Kinneret Rosenbloom,  who happens to be extremely talented in whatever it is she is engaged in, Brought to the world a brilliant site which is all about Paris:

Her writing is fluent and accessible, full of charm and wit. If you happen to live here (Paris) or if you intend to drop by, Pay a visit to her site, It will be worth it. Guaranteed.

Mid September installment

G Magazine

G magazine has embarked on the issue of the state of affairs in the Israeli day care scene. Since there is no supervision on these privately owned establishments: anything goes.

Another G magazine feature had dealt with the phenomenon of career women, who are struggling to negotiate their working hours, in order to maintain their jobs, with their role as mothers and housewives.

The new column written by Bibliky, is a refreshing source of inspiration for me. This week he wrote about the story behind the legendary record label Atlantic, and it’s legendary founders: Jerry Wexler and Ahmet Ertegun, who together brought mascots such as Ray Charles into our collective consciousness.


This time, Lapid took the opportunity to recommend two books and a record for which he particularly liked:

The record by Yahli Sobol and Rea Mochiach:‘Eldorado’

A book By Amnon Dankner: Uncle Eva’s nights and days

Yonatan Geffen’s: and Yotam Givol Cook book :’Personal chef’

Yet another Lapid

Two weeks ago, Yair celebrated, both his grandfather’s centenary and his son’s Bar Mitzva


Was the title of Lapid’s piece which evolved around a momentary wish to be found in the midst of the absolutely peaceful New-Zelandic paradise. A symptom which can serve a proof of sanity for any Israeli living in Israel on every given day.

Logic tells us we’re Simpsons not Spocks

“…Imagine – I realise this sounds like some bizarre joke – how Mr Spock, Odysseus and Homer Simpson would go about applying for membership of a gym. Spock would choose a suitable contract – a costly payment per visit, or an annual flat-fee for unlimited visits – after correctly forecasting his gym usage. Simpson, wrongly expecting that he would use the gym a lot, would sign up for the expensive annual membership. Odysseus might also choose the annual membership, but for a different reason: he would hope that the “all-the-iron-you-can-pump” contract might provoke him to exercise, despite the foreseeable temptation to stay in bed.”

Tim Harford,  August 30 2008

This illustration accompanied Harford’s advice for a wood-be groom regarding his possible choice of a high-flying career woman for a wife

Houses cost more in the summer. Here’s why

“…If house prices systematically surge in summer and stagnate in winter – and they do, in Belgium, France, the US and especially the UK – then why do so many people buy in summer? Why don’t we make more of an effort to buy earlier, or to wait for a few months until the market cools again?”

Tim Harford, September 6 2008

And this one accompanied Harford’s reply to a father who sought advice for his incentive scheme he devised for his 18 years old student sun.

Why it’s dangerous to be a witch in a recession

“Why did people murder suspected witches in renaissance
Europe? And why do they still do so today in sub-Saharan Africa? As
someone whose main source of information about witch trials is
Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I was fascinated to learn that witch-burning has its own grim economics.”

Tim Harford, September 13 2008

“Dear Economist: Should I move from Florence to the UK just for a job?” Was the question Harford was asked to help finding an answer to this week. attached is my reply: