Izhar Cohen was born in Raanana, Israel, 1963.

His quest to embark on an artistic career was born through his high school studies in Talma Yalin Art School, Tel Aviv.

During his military service he acted as the army’s magazine’s illustrator, Bamahane, where he first got the taste for the trade of illustration. Consequently, this was the launch of his professional career.

Following his military service in 1989, he went on to study graphic design in the Bezalel academy of art in Jerusalem.

After graduation, he moved to Paris, Where he studied etching and woodcut in the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs. Meanwhile, he got his first commissions from the French press and publishing houses. In this period he is contributing to L’Express, Le Figaro Madamme, Le Mond, Gallimard, After two years in Paris, he crossed the channel to London where he continued his studies in the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

At that time he started publishing his illustrations on a regular basis in The Times. His work caught the eye of Allan Manham, the founder of the Artworks illustrators agency. This encounter brought about a long string of commissions collaboration with major clients in London, New York and Tokyo. His work since, is being published in The Sunday Times, The Times, The Financial Times, The Guardian, World of Interiors, Prospects, Metropolitan Home, World Media, Gourmet, Reader’s Digest, Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine and in many others worldwide.

Izhar’s creative input is often required by design groups for the enhancement of conceptual projects such as annual reports, brochures and presentations. In this capacity, Izhar works with some of the world’s leading design firms such as: Pentagram and Newell and Sorrell.

After more than ten years in Europe, Izhar returned to Israel, from where he continued his professional activity. At the same time, Izhar took a great pleasure in teaching and lecturing for several years in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem. In 2005, Izhar moved back to Paris after being granted a studio in La CitE Internationale des Arts.

Amongst the books published with his work, to date, you can find: “Izhar Cohen’s ABC” (David Bennett Books, UK, Dial books New York), “Treasure Hunt” (Mathew Price Children’s Books, UK), “The Book of Cricket” (Running Press, USA), “The Flood Tale” (Pavilion Books London) “The Wolf’s Story” (Walker Books, UK, Candlewick USA) “The Magic Whisper” (Kinneret, Israel). From Florence, he continues to maintain his on going commitment with the Israeli press through the illustration of Yair Lapid’s weekly column in the Yedioth Achronot weekly magazine, and in Globes, the leading newspaper and magazines around the world.

Izhar Cohen lives in Florence, Italy with his wife Noa and their daughter Alma.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I was inspired to write a poem based on the February 2018 Scientific American article “Alvy’s Error and the Meaning of Life”. I would very much like to incorporate your illustration from this article in my next book of poems. How can (may) I arrange to gain permission to do this? I also have a poem that fits your drawing “A Social Network” — same question for this one. I would gladly send you copies of the poems if that would help. I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. I am currently creating a book that focuses on vocabulary development for grades 7-12 for a major publisher in the USA, and I would love to be able to include your images from ABC Discovery as the basis for higher order thinking/vocabulary development activities. Is including your images a possibility? Thank you very much.


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