In a Post-Truth World, College Students Hold the Key to Change


America’s public universities are transforming themselves into the front line in the fight against mass deportation, becoming some of the staunchest defendants of the disenfranchised. Yet their faculties are often smeared as agents of an aloof intelligentsia, and students as members of a coddled elite.

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Missing pensions

As people jump from job to job, they may forget about a 401(k) account or pension benefit. Here’s how to find it

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The high priest of the tower of love has left the building.

Leonard Cohen, june 2008

Leonard Cohen, june 2008

I’m bidding farewell to a meaningful friend. Unknowingly, he gave me so much for so long and asked for nothing in return. His poetry keeps on casting meaning into hours, days, months and years of my waking  and less so times.

He touched me with his poetic feather and nailed me to the cross of humanity with his nails and hammer. All this, done from within a cloud of melancholy and love.

At an early stage I have realised that our intimacy was shared by millions around the world.

I find comfort and hope in the knowledge of that. 

Back in June 2008, I illustrated Yair Lapid’s weekly column with these two drawings. I’m signing it again, with hope and love. 





The touch of the high priest june 2008


Drawn last night; Clinton was with a lead.

US elections 2016

US elections 2016, ‘7 days’ Ydioth Achronot, Shlomo Artzi’s column

The world was on the verge of releasing a sigh of relief. I was left with the strong sense of the damage caused the American nation following the campaign, so I focused on that in my illustration for Artzi’s column.

At the time I was drawing, this was the only thing that carried the quality of certainty; America will carry the scars of these elections for many years, no matter who’d be the winner .

This morning however, another truth was reveled, the United States will now be governed by a different breed of custodian.