This American Life

I have been an avid listener to TAL pretty much since it was first available back in the late 90s’.

This American Life was in fact my introduction to the world of podcast and won me over with its quality journalistic qualities, whenever a topic is investigated, and with its tongue-in-cheek humor, when a witty writer is invited to take part. The podcast sphere has exploded since TAL took off, but it remains a unique voice and a source for the emergence of new talents who create new audio content which keeps company to lonely illustrators around the world.

The bottom line: I was o delighted when I received a message from TAL, asking me if I will be available for an illustration for their next podcast: Apocalypse Creep: The story of a sea front town in California, where residents are struggling to come to terms with the impact of climate change, and the erosion of the cliff on which their houses are precariously built. When I heard Ira Glass’s voice presenting ths podcast in the promo I had a stupid smile on my face which took a while to ware off.

so here is a link for the promo and a link to the episode itself.

Enjoy! (I have)

This American Life ep. 762 February 11, 2022 Apocalypse Creep

Snow in Tel Aviv

It did not snow in Tel Aviv in the past few days, yet it was freezing cold.

Inspired by the cold, Shlomo Artzi in his column quoted the following life lesson:

Once there was a bird that waited too long to fly south for the winter. It got caught in a winter storm and landed on a fence in a field to rest, the weather came in colder and colder until the poor bird fell off the fence into the snow. The bird was certain it was going to die until a passing cow shit on its head, the dung warmed it up and started thawing the snow. The bird was so happy that it was going to going to survive that it emerged out of the dung and began to sing. A fox which passed by heard the bird singing, picked it out of the cow shit, and ate it.

The moral of the story?

Not everyone that shits on you is your enemy.

Not everyone who digs you out of shit is your friend.

And when you’re in deep shit, keep your head down and your mouth shut

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 Havana Syndrome

After having posted this Skeptic magazine cover on my Facebook page, I realized My image angered and irritated some people who are on the opposite side of the Magazine’s editorial position.

I am not used in causing pain through my images and regret having done so unknowingly on this occasion.

I am posting these two illustrations of mine, as I asume the responsibility for my work as an illustrator

Skeptic magazine cover 2021 Vol26 No.4
Inside spread illustration