London’s turning . . . 

Tim Harford-Undercover economist August 14, 2015 FTt/Globes

‘London’s excruciating price tag is not just a vulnerability but also a sign of success’

What is happening to London? Is the city devouring itself, its street life disappearing as flat-pack apartment blocks metastasise in once-healthy neighbourhoods? Or are we simply witnessing a process of regeneration and renewal? Rohan Silva, a former adviser to David Cameron, recently told architecture magazine Dezeen that London might lose its creative class because of high rents. In The Observer, Rowan Moore wrote that London “was suffering a form of entropy whereby anything distinctive is converted into property value”.

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London’s turning . . . 

London’s turning . . .


From my new window in Florence

A month ago we’ve moved to Florence, a dream comes true.

There’s a lot to be said about this wonderful move but for the time being I’ll just draw.

From  my new window in Florence I can see a young couple on a first date. This view reminded me an illustration I’ve made for Artzi earlier on this year.

From my new window in Florence