Regulations, squeezing my brain, once again.

As always, I find it a challenge to treat ‘dry’ abstract legal text. This time, the article was concerning new tighter regulatory directives towards majority share holders-directors in public owned companies, woof.

I always try to find a metaphor which I could customize for the event and stay alive through to the aftermath. Hope I have made it this time.


Waltz with Bashir, Not to be missed!

Yesterday, I saw Waltz with Bashir, the first ever animated documentary film in the history of cinema.

A part from breaking grounds of cinematic history, it is a gripping experience that would not let one’s memory lay to rest, or stay indifferent, neither to its story nor to the brilliant story telling.

So much has already been written, and still much more is yet to be said about the film, that I shall spare you most of my thoughts. Still, one very strong notion hit my conscience while I watched it: I found the actual idea of animating such a story, is rendering the objectif – obsolete. I felt that the visual articulation of the scenes through a manual manipulation was the most daring and subjective statement, coming from the director and his team.

I feel privileged to take off my hat before this most admired group of this film makers, mainly to ( from left to right): Yoni Goodman, Ari Folman and David Polonsky, BRAVO!

Here are the wikipedia and the official sites links:

The Five Senses Garden in Hulon, Israel

It is a rare occasion for an illustrator to be invited to cross the lines into the third dimension. Such an opportunity was granted to me by the municipality of the city of Hulon in Israel.

I shall elaborate on this project as It goes along, for the time being, here are a short clip from its current stage, and a few snaps taken at Shuki Kafri’s workshop today.





Shuki and me on the tip of the tongue



Some of Hearing, Smell an some of Taste

Sight as seen through Touch

Hearing and my dad

back of touch


Shuki working on Sight

Back view of Sight

Rear of sight

And on last view of Sight

Taxation II

Following the scissors illustration for the markets taxation article in Globes last week, came another one on the same subject.

So, by trying to avoid the mine field of imagery’s cliches, I hope I have ‘coined’ a new visual idiom which I find dificult to pronounce in words.

My Dear, Dear Friend Yair

Tommy Lapid, Yair’s monumental father, has succumbed to cancer. I am using this word as, typically to his way in life, he gave the disease an incredibly good fight.

The Israeli press bid Tommy an honorable and voluminous farewell, an appropriate one for the departure of such an incredible person. As I am not a man of words, I have used the privilege of expressing my own farewell to Tommy, in my illustrations to Yair’s most incredible and moving obituary to his beloved father.

Alistair Darling’s Gift Horse

The current Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, Was brought by Harford this week, as the instigator of a cheap taxation sting operation- While offering a rebate of 120 Pounds to middle class tax payers tax bill, he will consequently have to barrow money, which will most likely be payed back with interest, trough taxation from the same tax payers who now find themselves on the receiving end of his gift.

New Taxation Laws

Well, Globes kept me off the streets this week, The article laid out the minefield-like environment which is being created by new intricate worldwide corporate taxation laws. A real mess. It seems very difficult not to be punished by wrong application of the las, be it voluntarily or not.

email transparency

This one was published in Globes this week for an article dealing with the legal implications and rights of an employer to peer into his employees’ emails.