the invention of peace

This week, Lapid wrote about the evasive nature of ideas.

He is describing the phenomena of the discovery of new ideas as a process in which timing is a crucial component.

Later in the article he refers to the obvious merit of the idea of peace, and to the inevitable implementation of peace. The only thing is the price that people will pay with their lives and pain as time passes by until that day.

New copyrights laws

This illustration was published in Globes alongside an article which laid-out the introduction of new laws of copyrights. 

As I have been beaten more than once by unethical conduit on the part of client, I found this article as an opportunity to express my contentment with these new laws. 


Two weeks ago, Israel survived the final episode of the Israeli version of the television blockbuster reality series Survivor, in Hebrew: Hisardut. Lapid described the fracture that accrued in the family around the discussion over the values the program communicates. On this front, his arguments seem to have lost and he found him self exiled.

The etymological meaning of the word exile, apart from its old English meaning of banishment, is due to the ancient Greeks method of punishment of deporting a member of the community out of the island:

ex– out of ile-island

The smaller drawing relates to a theme in the column following comments Lapid had received from readers of his piece which evolved around the responsibility leaders are taking, or not, over their deeds.

The Israeli Green Party G cover

On their way to the Knesset, The Israeli Green Party, for the first time through its existence is standing a serious chance to be elected.

Nevertheless, Human nature, as green as it can be – sees red when the weight of one’s ego casts a shadow over another. So, on their way in, we witness a spectacle of proverbial fist-fighting between the candidates.

This was the brief of G magazine’s cover this week, and here was my reply to it:

These two served as reminder of the cover theme through the article’s pages inside.

Would smokers prefer expensive cigarettes?

That was Harford’s theme last week, so here is the illustration that accompanied the article.

This one accompanied the ‘Dear Economist’ bit of the column. The writer was seeking advice regarding his Presentation tactics and skills.

Watching one’s step


Last week saw the continuation of the political saga, headed by the police investigation into Olmert’s campaign funding and other residual affairs that raised more than one eyebrow within the police quarters. Lapid wrote a piece which evolved around the difficulty in running a country, let a long, a country in the

 particular circumstances Israel finds itself these days.  While under multiple police investigation a head of state is quit restricted in his action. He later on describe the nearly saintly qualities a candidate to the premiership should posses.


60 Years of Israeli literature – The Guardian

Here’s a cover I was commissioned to illustrate for the Guardian’s literary review.

The brief consisted of a the way an Israeli original literature was born

Although at times hidden, the clash between the two narratives of the creation of the state of Israel: the Zionist on the one hand and the Palestinian one on the other, are at the end of the day the engine of it all.