This American Life

I have been an avid listener to TAL pretty much since it was first available back in the late 90s’.

This American Life was in fact my introduction to the world of podcast and won me over with its quality journalistic qualities, whenever a topic is investigated, and with its tongue-in-cheek humor, when a witty writer is invited to take part. The podcast sphere has exploded since TAL took off, but it remains a unique voice and a source for the emergence of new talents who create new audio content which keeps company to lonely illustrators around the world.

The bottom line: I was o delighted when I received a message from TAL, asking me if I will be available for an illustration for their next podcast: Apocalypse Creep: The story of a sea front town in California, where residents are struggling to come to terms with the impact of climate change, and the erosion of the cliff on which their houses are precariously built. When I heard Ira Glass’s voice presenting ths podcast in the promo I had a stupid smile on my face which took a while to ware off.

so here is a link for the promo and a link to the episode itself.

Enjoy! (I have)

This American Life ep. 762 February 11, 2022 Apocalypse Creep

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