Thank you France!


Thank you France.


The ghost of evil 

This coming Monday is Holocaust Remembrance Day In Israel.

The phantom of this dark chapter in the history of humanity keeps on it presence in the lives of millions of people across generations and nations.

Above, is my mindscape of its presence in Israel.

American Illustration Q&A with… me

This one’s just in. click HERE for my full Q&A with American illustration.

American Illustration Q&A Izhar Cohen

American Illustration Q&A Izhar Cohen

Grit vs Inteligence

Grit is defined as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals”. This illustration was made for an article in Calcalist. The topic has been discussed at length amongst our friends. At the end of the day, it has been agreed: Grit is more important.

Intelligence might at times, represent an obstacle on the way to success. Intelligent people tend to ask questions and verify the level of risk they might be facing. Driven people with a lesser tendency of consulting their minds in calculating risks, might achieve more by not being confused by facts, while staying focused on achieving their goal.

It might be that intelligence, is overrated…


GRIT-Intelligence might be overrated

GRIT-Intelligence might be overrated

IBM urban triptych

Last week I had the great pleasure of hanging (with the help of some able people) three beautifully printed drawings of mine which I’ve branded my: Urban triptych.

The prints are situated on the 24th floor of a brand new skyscraper in Tel Aviv, welcoming those arriving in the offices of IBM’s R&D labs in Tel Aviv.

The cityscape is reflected in the glossy perspex finish of the prints, which make for an unexpected and surprising dialogue with the prints’ subject matter – Tel Aviv.


Charlie Sheen’s misadventure with a false cure for HIV/AIDS

Charlie Sheen and the danger of false cures.jpg

Charlie Sheen and the danger of false cures

By Michael Shermer, Scientific Americanon,  July 1, 2016

When basketball legend Magic Johnson announced in 1991 that he had tested positive for HIV, it was a death sentence, and he promptly retired from the Los Angeles Lakers. Fans mourned his coming demise, but to everyone’s astonishment, Magic’s life continued in relative normalcy. A quarter of a century later he is an active entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist and advocate for HIV/AIDS prevention.

Read the full article here


Is burnout simply the result of working too hard? Josh Cohen argues that the root of the problem lies deeper than that

Find out more in the Economist’s 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

Burnout 1843magazine

burnout-1 burnout-2 burnout-3