An extraordinary experience

The exhibition's Catalog cover Inside Izhar Cohen's head

The exhibition’s Catalog’s cover Inside Izhar Cohen’s head

My Tel Aviv exhibition – Inside Izhar Cohen’s head

A few months a go, While visiting my friends and family in Tel Aviv, I embarked on a journey that reached its peak on May 31st. It took me a while to compose myself and bring myself to write about it, as the opening involved a great amount of emotions.

Together with Monica Lavie, the chief curator of the Gutman Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, I went through a process of dissection of my operating system as an artist. Together with Monica I had visited my inner most regions of my consciousness and beyond. I would liken this journey to Dante’s Devine comedy, only in this case, the joke was on me. With all modesty, and with no intention to attribute the humanistic quality of Virgil and Dante, Monica accompanied me on that journey to hell and back. I am now writing this post from artist’s paradise.

The process begun with an undefined amount of images that were damped on Monica’s desk and we were both overwhelmed. After a while, a first criteria was laid out for the exhibition:  As the museum is named after the great Israeli Artist and author, Nahum Gutman, we’ve decided that the works which will be exhibited will be chosen from the images which were commissioned for Israeli clients. This decision eliminated a considerable bulk of works, and turned the task into a more reasonable affair. Having said that, I have ben active in the Israeli press all through the past 32 years, therefore, we had to restrict the boundaries of the exhibition further more. eventually, out of hundreds of images, around 60, met the nail that hang the frame that hosts the image. There were heavy ‘casualties’ which were left out of the selection, yet, the end result is most satisfying. At least it is for me.

The exhibition was exquisitely designed and mounted by Tucan Design Studio

For those of you who will not get a chance of visiting the exhibition in Tel Aviv in the coming six moths, here is a taster of what it is like.


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