Hanging onto normality 1

Hanging onto normality 1

This week’s events in Paris brought the meaning of the term ‘Global city’ into its full dimension and meaning. Sadly, the city’s boundaries seems to encompass the entire world.

Paris was our home for the past ten years, my daughter is Parisian in her identity more then she is anything else. We are experiencing this pan-european reality with great sadness, and with the deep understanding that terror will be an integral part of our life. We also understand, with the same degree of conviction, that the role we play in this horrific chapter in history, is the part of the ‘normal’ people. The ones who would insist on going to theater, movies, concerts, shopping or simply go out for a coffee. doesn’t sound like much in a soldier’s life, but we will do our bit.

Artzi’s column this week, was immersed in the Parisian tragedy, and here are my images along Artzi’s written words. For me, this is a message of hope.

Hanging onto normality-2

Hanging onto normality-2


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