My first moving illustration

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 8.38.15 PM

Here are a few observations I’ve made following my first attempt with a moving illustration. The original still illustration was drawn about four years ago. I have chosen to work with this one as the inherent movement of the image is simply horizontal, and I am only a beginner!
I am building the airplane in mid-air… I feel like I’m operating in a discipline that is in the process of defining itself.
The screen is ‘asking’ for the image to move, yet I think restraint is the key.
This discipline relays heavily on its illustrative origins, while using a hint of animation to enhance it.
I definitely do not intend to become an animator as I feel my skill is in ceasing the moment and not stretching to it.
As a narrating illustrator, when I first drew the still Tax shark, I invested a great deal of thought in choosing the very moment that would ‘freeze’ best in order to tell the story. While introduce the passage of time on to the image, it is as if I ‘thawed’ it and released it from my proverbial leash.
I think the movement of the animated trawler and the fish on their projected courses, is better contrasted by the animated crossing of the shark than it does in the still illustration.
Besides, after having looked at it again, I’ve realized there’s another added value to it: it is more entertaining…
Tax sharks

Tax sharks, the original still illustration


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