In memory of a brave man

To remember and to forget

To remember and to forget

These days Israelis commemorate the 20th anniversary Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. While writing this opening line I am checking myself again, maybe I’m wrong, has it been that long?

For the occasion Dr. Dana Arieli from Holon Institute of Technology – HIT, invited me to take part in an exhibition around this sad anniversary.

I was debating with myself at length on this one while iconic cliches were seducing my mind in scores. I ended up marrying two metaphors, synthesizing them into one: A memorial candle, which in Israel is commonly used for death anniversaries, and a goldfish -(wrongly) reputed to forget the thing that occupied its mind after completing a circle around his fish bowl. As the flame extinguishes under the water, the goldfish cannot remember what was it for in the first place. I know, I sometimes tend to complicate things but I just couldn’t let go of this image. For me it tells the story of the amnesia the Israeli society prescribed itself with in order to avoid confronting the life saving necessity of peace.


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