The sountrack of your life

The title above is the one I’ve attributed to a piece I’ve created by request of a good friends of mine.

A couple of friends of their’s got married and they had the idea of commissioning me to come up with an idea for a present.

For a while now, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating within the third dimension, so I thought this could be a good opportunity for me to explore.

I’ve discussed at length together with my friends the nature of the two protagonist and came up with the following idea:

Wedding gift, first ideas

Wedding gift, first ideas

Wedding gift, first ideas

Wedding gift, first ideas

As the groom is invested in catering for the need of humans to gamble on the net, and the bride is a psychotherapist. I thought to myself: the nature of marriage (in my humble opinion and 30 years of happy marriage) is first and foremost a partnership, in which two humans are taking all their chips, and placing them with love and faith on one number. all this is happening while the roulette is turning below their feet. The image was already there, I only had to accommodate the two in the comfort of the psychotherapists’ sofa, while sailing above the record that produce, with luck, the harmonious and hazardous soundtrack of their lives.

My friend was happy for me to go a head and give this idea a concrete shape, and so I did.

In a wooden wine chest, for good spirit, I have housed the elements which I’ve created from plywood, coloured and assembled.

I was left with the impression that everybody’s happy with the result. Following this experience, I’ve decided I want to create a series of boxes for myself…

The soundtrack of their lives

The soundtrack of their lives. final

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