Advisers along the path to retirement

Investment News often Provides me with challenges of the kind that requires me to speak my own visual language without any grammatical ‘glitches’.

Here I had to visually represent the retirement planning process of a consultant.

Initially, I came up with an idea which I thought would reflect the text in its essence while showing the consultants as they glide over their obstacles on their way to the finish line. I thought of a tailor-made track, designated for one of the contestants who stumbled, and had to retire from the race before reaching the finishing line.

It seem that my interpretation was not accurate, and could bare a misleading interpretation to the text.

Road to retirement-ROUGH

Road to retirement-ROUGH

So, I went back to the drawing board, and decided to retrieve the good old maze theme from my drawer.

The maze-Rough

The maze-Rough

After some coming and goings, I have produced the image, here below, which I believe both the editor and myself felt satisfied with:

Succession Planning AW

Succession Planning AW

Shame the title took away some of the punch from the drawing, but still, it is working alright.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning


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