Not Enough Room to Swing a Cat

at 3min 13sec, Roberto Benigni  quotes this this line, in order to share his impression from the size of his cell with his newly found cellmates.

In the past few weeks, I have tried to deal with shrinking  space left for my illustrations for Shlomo Artzi’s column with a new attitude. After being granted the designer’s approval, I have started providing the illustrations with the layout for the page. this allows me to render the design into an active tool in my illustration. I have done this occasionally in the past, when I illustrated Yair Lapid’s column, but here, the amount of text written by Artzi on a weekly basis, challenges me to come up with different solutions in order to maintain the effective visibility of the illustration on the page. as far as I am concerned, so far, it seems like a blessing in disguise; I am being pushed to come up with a more global solution to the expression of the visual alongside the text. So far, I had no cats to swing in this page, but I’m preparing myself for an eventual feline apparition…

here are three examples:

interacting with the pages architecture. occupying space by sporadic distribution

Using a background colour across the entire page

Using a background colour across the entire page

Using transparancy to define formes under the text- the branches

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