Arik Einstein, 1939-2013

Last week Israel saw the passing away of one of its more defining cultural pinnacles;  Arik Einstein is no longer with us.

Since his departure, the web and the press is heaving with tributes to a singer-songwriter, an actor and athlete, who helped define the israeli culture since the early sixties.

This week, Shlomo Artzi, inevitably, dedicated his weekly column to this most admirable colleague.

Artzi considers Einstein to one of his most defining role model, who helped him pave his way to his own personal expression by example.

He expresses his grief and sorrow with sincerity and pain.

For me this serves as an opportunity for a deep hearted farewell from a great artist, in the company of whom (metaphorically speaking) I spent many hours of good music and beautiful lyrics.

Unforgettable moments of laughter through his acting parts. mainly in LUL and Mezizim (with Uri Zohar).

Thank you.

Shlomo Artzi, farewell Arik Eistein

Shlomo Artzi, farewell Arik Einstein

farewell Arik Einstein

This additional illustration, relates  to a particular sketch (watch it here) with Uri Zohar. This sketch is in fact a summary of the evolution of the Israeli society throughout waves of immigration.

In the sketch, ‘inaal din babor e le jabhum’, from Arabic:‘damn the ship that brought them here’ is the curs, initially produce by the palestinian arabs who saw the arrival of the first jewish immigrant embarking on the shore. it is later reproduced by the succession of newly arrived immigrants towards the ones to follow….

inaal din babor e le jabhum

inaal din babor e le jabhum

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