A date in the dark, Shlomo Artzi

A date in the dark

This week I was particularly touched by  Artzi’s text. So, here is the paragraph that I’ve elected to relate to in my illustration:

A date in the dark, Shlomo Artzi

All Israeli journalists and commentators tried last week to capture the average Israeli soul in a single metaphor. It’s hard because the Israeli psyche consists of many metaphors such as courage and human anxiety, hysteria adaptability wisdom and emotional tenacity (I let you be the ones to judge). 

Here’s a short story about an emotional one.

The day after the bombing, I’ve met in my daughter’s kitchen with a family member, an Apache pilot who dropped by for a visit. He did not park the Apache in the house’s driveway, but rather comes on his Vespa.

“Say what’s up, how was it?” Said I in a Shalom Hanoch style.

At first, he had it hard to start, but slowly opened up and said he was working in the ‘cloud’ operation from dusk to dawn, shot and felt.

“You were shooting, it’s clear, but what did you feel”? I asked.

Here again he was struggling (a tough pilot, isn’t he just?) And finally he confessed that the thought thaא his bomb might have killed innocent people, would not let him rest at night . (He had a child recently).

  It is rather a cliché, dealing with ‘our boys’ shooting and crying, but he touched my heart, this pilot who had a date in the dark with the bombed targets and especially with his emotional conscience.

A date in the dark-detail


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