10 years a go….

a swimmer (we cannot see his tail)

a swimmer (we cannot see his tail)

…I was invited by the city of Breda in Holland, to create a 14 meter long by  1.5  meters high tiled wall for their new Sonsbeeck municipal swimming pool.

This was, and still remain one of the most exciting projects I was involved in.

Through this project I had the chance to meet some incredible  people of rare qualities.

In particular,  the artists at Tichelaar, Holland’s oldest ceramic company.

They’ve departed from scaled down drawing  which I provided them with, and through a very laborious process, they turned it into a magnificently colourful tiled wall.

Since our daughter, Alma, was born, we promised ourselves to go there with her and see it again.

Ten years after the opening we found the wall  in its same immaculate condition as it was on its first day. We left Breda with a big smile on our faces.

Tha wall at  Sonsbeeck

Tha wall at Sonsbeeck

detail 1

detail 1

detail 2

detail 2

detail 3

detail 3

My proud daughter



5 thoughts on “10 years a go….

  1. I was there for the opening and loved it then! It’s been 10 years! I don’t believe it! Thanks Izhar for the video, we can now show our children that Izhar doesn’t just illustrate books but also swimming pools. Thanks for posting the video and pics.


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