Möbius band and the glass ceiling

This one was for  Calcalist. The article brought the testimonies of five women who shared separately, the experience of encountering the unpleasant banging in the head of the transparent, yet, very real glassceiling.

Möbius band and the glass ceiling

Möbius band and the glass ceiling

Just before publishing, the illustration was chosen to figure on the cover, so, as an emergency measure, I had to come up with an additional full-page illustration. I shall not be revealing the time it took for execution…

glass ceiling-detail

glass ceiling-detail


10 thoughts on “Möbius band and the glass ceiling

        I genuinely thank you for your comment, and am seriously curious by your mail address and pseudonym.
        BTY, how did you find my blog and name? there’s no credit on Oleg Kashin’s blog.


      • Hey,I really enjoy that. An opportunity to learn is always welcomed. I must say that when I was working on this drawing, I was struggling to decipher the physical implication of the woman’s circumstances when on her way down…
        I therefore was looking for a compromise, and hence, compromised the integrity of Möbius strip.
        the illustration, in the way it is used on Oleg’s site is squashed, which is really annoying. a part from the fact that he ‘borrowed’ it without my permission and without a mentioning of my name. other than that, after a short googling, I found he’s someone who’s heart is in the right place.



      • As far as I understand, it’s not his blog. It’s an online-magazine slon.ru and Oleg Kashin is paid to write for it as far as I know. On the other hand, I don’t think it is him who put your drawing there – it’s the image editing team of slon.ru. And it does not seem right – they should give you credit and reference you even if the image is copyleft implying permission to distribute, copy and modify as long as derivatives are copyleft too. Is it copyleft image, by the way?

        I don’t know Oleg Kashin personally, but I heard he is in an opposition to the government in Russia and somewhat of significant figure as such in Russian journalism. I don’t agree to all he says in this article of his, but, of course, he is entitled to his opinion. I am just saying, it’s not only heart that matters, brain is also important ;). However, I have no data or even a right to make any judgements, don’t get me wrong.


  1. The e-mail address and the nickname were an impromptu – I didn’t think I’ll get such a prompt response, I just filled in whatever came to mind.

    No, there is no credit in the article. I imagine he’s your friend and you let him use it. I just got curious, because it appears to represent Möbius strip, but in reality it is not (it’s easy to verify: Möbius strip has one surface, yours has two; if you move woman’s figure around along the strip, never crossing the edge, it’ll end end up in the same “upward” position after a full loop; with Möbius strip it should end up “downward”). So I thought that maybe it’s a clever trick to make one think that it is Möbius strip while it’s not, and there is artist’s explanation (the drawing is, indeed, nice I wanted to see the author)…

    Anyway, I just Google’d your image from the Russian website (you can Google by image). And it got me here, to your blog. And I left a note, just to point out it was not a Möbius strip. Once again, my apologies if I sounded rude, I didn’t mean to. I do like the drawing itself, just the name “Möbius strip”… It’s like if I point to “Starry Night” and call it “a beautiful painting by Gauguin”. Thought I’d let the author know. And you turned out to reply to me promptly ;)…


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