Eric Ambler, The Guardian Review’s Cover

In Print, as well as online. here is this week’s Review’s cover with my illustration.

The Guardian's literary review, Eric Ambler

The Guardian’s literary review, Eric Ambler

He became intrigued by the shady, unsavoury characters whom he would once have cast as villains Eric Ambler‘s exciting, fast-paced spy novels influenced Hitchcock and Graham Greene, and with their leftish take on 1930s European politics rescued the genre from nationalist cliché. Thomas Jones on a consummate thriller writer whose scrutiny of the links between big business and bad governments is all too relevant today.


6 thoughts on “Eric Ambler, The Guardian Review’s Cover

  1. What a great drawing. As a fledgling illustrator, I loved the colours and the lighting. My only disappointment was when I found out that the article on the Guardian website was in fact not a review of a brilliant new graphic novel. “What use is a book without pictures, Alice said.”

    All the best



    • Thank you Joris. What a reference! You’ve inspired me to explore the possibility of my own graphic novel.
      I would love to see your work. Have you got a site? And thanks again, that’s very kind.


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