Elbi-walking in the footsteps of giants. The cover illustration

This week saw the publishing of a new edition of a children’s book, written by Yair Lapid and illustrated by yours faithfully with great pleasure.

The book is a mental rollercoaster evolving around an heroic medieval knights story.

The hero; Elbi is a young eligible knight invested entirely in the quest of releasing his beloved Eleni from the hands of the ferocious , vicious queen Concenta Cylmus.

The story is a breathless affair of endless action and mind challenging  events.

It reveals an entirely new dimension of  knight life in medieval times.

It is above all illegally funny and highly recommended.

Here is a link to a review (in Hebrew) of the book in ynet


Getting into trouble

Getting into trouble

And into some more

And into some more


3 thoughts on “ELBI

  1. congrats. All the books you publish all the time!
    Unbiased opinion: A girl with very good taste just peeked behind my shoulders, and said: Wow. I’d like to color that!


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