A detail La Fontaine missed

in The Cricket and the Ant

Recently, I have started collaborating with Calcalist: an Israeli financial daily. Here’s an illustration I did for them for an article reveling the well hidden fact that 70% of all ants are actually… lazy! Only a small percentage amongst them are working in an organized manner. as to the rest, well, chaos seems to be working very well for them. Makes one wonder.

Yom kipur- the Day of Atonement

One of  Yom Kipur’s more picturesque customs, is the practice called “Kapparot”. The meaning which means: atonement. This  custom involves  a chicken or rooster which is swung over one’s’ head in order to pass on to it the person’s sins. The explanation is in fact much more complicated. Still, I thought of this image as being most appropriate for that day.

Harford: UK new imigration directives

The Migration Advisory Committee presented a list of professions that would qualify migrants for entry, broadly on the grounds of UK skills shortages. They include geologists of all stripes, veterinary surgeons (but not other veterinarians), chefs (but only those paid £8.10 an hour), sheep shearers with a British Wool Marketing Board bronze medal (or equivalent) and ballet dancers (but not choreographers, nor other dancers).

This illustration accompanied the following question addressed to Harford: Dear Economist: Do Olympic judges need a profit motive? Well, I have been economical with my drawing and have quoted the members of the panel above into the Olympic contest. must say, I have enjoyed it.

Shipping costs helping a greener earth

This article was written two weeks ago, since, the world’s economy is in the mayhem it is. At the time, oil prices were so prohibiting that a new phenomena was came about. people tended to minimize their imports and export within a limited territory in order to curb their expenses.

And this one accompanied the ‘Dear economist’ questions and answers bit. This week the question was: How can I make my children behave?
Disciplining children seems simple enough. Reward them when they do well and punish them when they misbehave. They should respond to incentives, right? Am I missing something?

Boston Business Journal Cover

This issue dealt with the diminishing number of philanthropic bodies within the Biston business environment and the way NGOs are dealing with this new development.

Click on the image for a larger view

Bibliki- Autumn

His writing is most inspiring, very colorful and deep. This week Bibliki dealt with the season.

for all hebrew readers amongst you, click here to be redirected to his piece:

Class Action

The courts in Israel have recently ruled in favor of a class action initiated by customers who fell victim to a scam by Israel’s largest dairy firm. In the past I dealt with the topic of Class Action, so this time again, I had to find a new visual metaphor to relate and communicate the particular qualities of this procedure.

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