I am back in Paris

Italy, my home away from home. Simple wine, good food, Italian, good friends, family – a preview of Paradise.

My holidays are always peppered with work. I’ve got the privilege of working from wherever I am in the world yet, it is a double edged sword as work follows me everywhere also when I am on holiday. this is not a complaint, I am very happy with this state of affairs. So, here is a selection from a month long holiday.

Harford-Economy: not colour blind

A new bi-weekly column in Globes, Written by Bibliki. The piece was for Tisha’a Be’av, the commemorative day for the destruction of the temple

Harford- Penssion

Harford-Economy forecasting


Harford- incentives for better productivity

Harford-Taking care of one’s interests

Harford-Foreign workers, new slavery

Wine buying guide

Harford- A brand of it own

Harford- Dubai car-wash deficiency

Harford- baby-sitting dow Grandparent’s nside

Lapid-Top brass exporting secret military tactics



2 thoughts on “I am back in Paris

  1. …the commemorative day for the distraction of the temple.
    Please do not ever disclose to us whether it was a spelling mistake or it means what it means. My interpretation is that in Israel some people are over the celebration of the destruction of a temple, this is stuff for nostalgic expats, Israelis have moved on; far more interesting to celebrate the distraction of the temple, a place maybe very exciting and revolutionary for young people , very different from what we know today, full of distractions….
    love gt


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