The five senses garden- colours

This is my second trip to Israel in the past two weeks. The five senses Garden is taking shape and soon also colour.

I have debated with myself, the family, Friends and colleagues about the colours for the sculptures.
My initial idea was to be faithful to my source of inspiration: the giant sculptures fractions at the Campidoglioin in Rome, and keep it all in white.

Well. in the meantime, life got in the way and colouring the elements turned out to be inevitable. So, here is a Photoshop simulation of the coloured version.

Some of the photos revel two of the great people who sculpt and realise this dream for me: Or- Shuki’s son who is in fact responsible for the translation of the model into its current dimension. and Shahar, who lend a wonderfully helping hand.

Sight+Shahar, working on the eye, Or, brushing teeth

Taste+my Dad and Shuki

Smell and Hearing

Touch+Or, on the roof


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