Waltz with Bashir, Not to be missed!

Yesterday, I saw Waltz with Bashir, the first ever animated documentary film in the history of cinema.

A part from breaking grounds of cinematic history, it is a gripping experience that would not let one’s memory lay to rest, or stay indifferent, neither to its story nor to the brilliant story telling.

So much has already been written, and still much more is yet to be said about the film, that I shall spare you most of my thoughts. Still, one very strong notion hit my conscience while I watched it: I found the actual idea of animating such a story, is rendering the objectif – obsolete. I felt that the visual articulation of the scenes through a manual manipulation was the most daring and subjective statement, coming from the director and his team.

I feel privileged to take off my hat before this most admired group of this film makers, mainly to ( from left to right): Yoni Goodman, Ari Folman and David Polonsky, BRAVO!

Here are the wikipedia and the official sites links:


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