The Five Senses Garden in Hulon, Israel

It is a rare occasion for an illustrator to be invited to cross the lines into the third dimension. Such an opportunity was granted to me by the municipality of the city of Hulon in Israel.

I shall elaborate on this project as It goes along, for the time being, here are a short clip from its current stage, and a few snaps taken at Shuki Kafri’s workshop today.





Shuki and me on the tip of the tongue



Some of Hearing, Smell an some of Taste

Sight as seen through Touch

Hearing and my dad

back of touch


Shuki working on Sight

Back view of Sight

Rear of sight

And on last view of Sight


3 thoughts on “The Five Senses Garden in Hulon, Israel

  1. it is the one with which I have conceived it all. But seriously now: I have debated with myself and pondered for a long time as to how to express it. all the options I have managed to come up with were not up to the job. So, all I am left with, is to hope for intelligent people, like you, to come up with their own 6th sense and allow the place to intrigue and stimulate it. Thank you for your comments!


  2. this installation is fantastic, I wish I could see it, will it be up permanently? please say it will! I enjoy looking at your work, hope you compile it all into a comprehensive book!


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