I’m jumping in!

It has been so long that I have been contemplating this move: having my own blog that is. More than a year a go I have launched my site izharcohen.com which serves me as a good showcase of most of what I have done thus far. I have conceived it and designed it with the brilliant animator Yoni Goodman. As time passes by, I have found the need to have a more dynamic shop window to the world. So, while maintaining my site as the more ‘institutional’ representative of my art, I will here try and feed my blog in a more ‘hands-on’ approach and will attempt a weekly update (crazy as it seems to me) So, here we go. Every week I have two regular engagement; the one, dated since fifteen years a go, is Yair Lapid‘s weekly column. Initially published in Maariv and later moved to Yedioth Achronot. This weekly illustration is for me the fruit of a correspondence with a good friend who provides me with a continuous string of witty and intelligent writing. His writing never failed to provokes me into a visual expression of my own thought and emotions. The format in which the column is designed allows for a main illustration and an additional small vignette. The second Regular weekly interaction i have, is much ‘younger’. It is with the syndicated weekly column from the Financial Times written by Tim Harford, published weekly in the Israeli equivalent of the FT Globe’s G magazine: here, the theme and the content are entirely different. The challenge here for me is to deal with topics that will always relate to economic issues, which to say the least, are not my first choice for a playing field. Nevertheless, this is one of the joys in being an illustrator: being constantly challenged to find your own original angle and express it in your own handwriting and your own metaphors. As with the Lapid’s column, also here there are two illustration. The difference here is that there are two separate themes: one is the main article and the second is a ‘hit the expert’ style piece where readers are addressing Harford with questions of all natures while expecting him to apply his economical faculties to provide them with appropriate replies.

Resignation matters

These illustrations accompanied Lapid‘s last week’s column As events in the Political arena in Israel were very much dominated by the police investigation into PM Olmert’s alleged bribery suspicions. Lapid is raising the question whether resignation is a wise thing to resort to when you are down.

This one relates more in particular to the tough life and calls for resignation of an Israeli football manager.

Can the Brixton currency ever pay its way?

These illustrations accompanied Tim Harford column concerning the costs and benefits of local exchange trading schemes (LETS), which are alternative currencies that circulate around a small community.

The smaller illustration relates to a letter written by a reader concerned with what he suspected to be a raw deal of parenting he got from his parents, in comparison with the one his naughty younger sister got form the same set of parents.


7 thoughts on “I’m jumping in!

  1. Hi there!

    Good luck with you new blog!

    I really like your illustrations…

    BTW, what happened to your personal archive at The Guardian’s books site?


  2. Thank you so much for you support, I really appreciate it.
    The Guardian’s archive’s gone gone haywire, it is a shame.
    However, I am now editing together with a brilliant designer, a book with most of those images.
    Out of curiosity: how did you come across my blog?


  3. Well done Izhar for launching this blog. It is quite interesting, in particular I would like to know if it is in a good idea to resign when in trouble? Do you agree with Mr Lapid on this one. Can you pubblish the original article in English?
    Good luck again


  4. Dear Mr World,

    As to resignation when in trouble: well, personally I thrive in times of difficulty, the nature of my trade confronts me with frequent deadlines that require a continuous string of inventiveness.

    As to publishing the article in English: I am afraid there’s copyrights issue here, and unfortunately, a time issue as well. I invite you nevertheless to learn Hebrew, it is a wonderfully compact and expressive language.

    As to my agreement with Mr. Lapid on this issue: The beauty for me in illustrating his column is in the degree of ambiguity I can allow myself in my interpretation of his text. I also believe that the role of illustration in this context is to echo and amplify an aspect of the text rather than to express approval or disagreement with the owner. In a way, turning the illustration into a visual weekly column alongside the text that triggers the idea behind the image. I am enjoying his writing and find the ability to maintain a weekly commitment on this level – admirable.


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